Pioneering Vision, Disciplined Execution



Acquisition, Exploration and Development of premier precious and base metal properties in stable regions of North America. The company’s flagship property is South Mountain Mine in Owyhee County Idaho.

Corporate Vision

All successful ventures start with a vision. Our vision is to find and develop premier precious and base metal properties at the lowest possible cost.

How do we accomplish this?

Just as we have in the past. By utilizing years of experience in the gold industry. Our experience extends from exploration, through permitting and development of projects in Nevada, Idaho, and throughout gold districts around the world. We find that some of the best opportunities for gold production is right here in the U.S. Thunder Mountain Gold’s Management have been either directly or indirectly involved in shipping millions of ounces of gold and silver throughout their more than 70 years of combined experience.

Measured and disciplined use of operating capital.

We use our exploration capital wisely. Our goal is to extract as much information as possible from our metal targets. In order to accomplish this, we sometimes sacrifice our own compensation in order to put the money to work in the ground. However, with over 2,000 loyal shareholders following us, we must be doing something right. At South Mountain, with approximately $450,000 ($2M) reportedly spent on the 43-101, we have identified 22 million Indicated and Inferred Ag ounces… average of $0.02 ($0.09) per silver equivalent ounces. This is just one example of our cost effective use of capital. For our investors, this is leverage that can’t be overlooked.

Gold and Base Metal Development is a Process.

We use a specific discipline to search for and identify gold and other metal projects that will make mines and one day produce metal for our world’s supply chain. This process starts with low cost measures, which ultimately lead to prospects that will ultimately lead to a discovery.

Geologic Models blended with Business Models.

The process of identifying ultimate producing properties begins with blocking and tackling, or basic geology and sound fundamental geology, coupled with real world experience and models. Feedback and quantitative analysis are important in developing and refining resource models, and this is only possible with real-life experience.

Ultimate Goal.

Identifying feasible metal deposits for pennies per ounce or per pound. That is the business goal of Thunder Mountain Gold.


  • Good People.
  • Premier Projects.
  • Excellent business strategy with a Proven Track Record.

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